Where is that missing semicolon…

First Week, CS-401

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Well then, the OpenMRS is certainly a very large and interesting project to say the least.  But with such a large and ongoing effort to provide an Open Source EMR database one is immediately struck with the question.  “What could (what I consider) a novice programmer possibly contribute to such a large ongoing effort?”  The upcoming few months will certainly answer that question without doubt.  As for the time being, I am very excited to be working (soon) be working and contributing to the OpenMRS community.

My expectations of this course are already set quite high, with the hopes of simply becoming a much more savvy programmer.  My only regeret is not being introduced to such sources as GitHub and exposure to other open source projects sooner, but that cannot be helped at this point in time. On that topic, over the Eric S. Raymond’s article The Cathedral and the Bazaar have also opened me up to the raw potential  — and how powerful open source communities can be.  Maybe my current inexperience will still be of good use to the OpenMRS project after all.

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