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More Snow and Working with Git

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Lack of sleep and from plowing means unsaved blog posts.  But the show must go on…

Looking through countless introductory tickets for something that is both challenging and interesting without being over the top is not easy, but I found a couple of good ones.  All the while the couple of git exercises got me a little bit more up and running and familiar with GitHub.  I’ve also taken the time to “properly” get my main rig worked up for a good developing environment to code with in the upcoming weeks. 

With tickets selected and git now being more familiar, coding, debugging and documenting is going to rev up.  The “introductory” videos for git were nice, but I feel like it was over simplified.  I’m going to inevitably have to make a table of git commands and tape it to my desk so I don’t forget them.  But other than that, solid introduction and basics of what Git can do. 

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