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Ticket Close Confusion, Junit Annotations

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Well, to start things off after getting both my laptop and computer at home all setup working with github, my first goal was to read up and become much more familiar with JUnit.  The Ticket my group is working (TRUNK-248) requires us to go through the selected sections of code and simply add “@should” annotations where they were required.  A relatively simple task of reading through code to allow other users to scan through and identify where JUnit tests need to happen.

Just for a brief explanation on what JUnit testing is, it is essentially a small chunk of code to ensure that another chunk of code operates and functions as intended. More specifically, there are several types of tests, all using assert statements such as “assertTrue([message], boolean condition)”, “assertSame([String], expected, actual)” and the like. 

To actually perform these tests, JUnit must be downloaded and ran with a java text editor such as Ecplise.  While eclipse may not be essential to performing or coding these tests, Ecplise does contain several built in tools to perform JUnit testing — which makes everything a lot more convenient. 

However,  due to some confusion regarding this ticket, it has been deemed as closed.  The ticket’s Status is still labeled as “In Progress” and an Resolution of “unresolved”.  Having known this, we as a group would not have chosen to work on it in the first place.  A new ticket will have to be found and worked on asap as to not get behind on work.  The good news is, it still gave us an excuse to look through the code, which is something.

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