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More work with JUnit testing

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After reading through some more segments of code that needed JUnit testing, I had to again re-read up on JUnit testing to make sure my comments were accurate.  Our ticket is an ongoing process of finding out where specific JUnit tests need to happen, and more or less mark where with code.  However, I realized about halfway through that I was marking them incorrectly, and had to go back and correct my statements I had made.  I could only imagine the headache of the second part of this ticket (which is actually implementing the JUnits tests) just to realize the comments put in place were asking to test the wrong things.  Nothing beats doing the same work twice because of lack of understanding.  Also, on that note, I need to find a better way to scan through all the files in eclipse to find those //TODO JUnits

Also, besides reading up again on JUnits (and here) to more understand how they work and the correct format of them, I also read up on this article (OpenMRS starter guide, provided by Prof. Wurst) to more familiarize myself with OpenMRS and more specifically the tutorials regarding GIT. More group updates to come as we continue to scan through the code and add appropriate comments.

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