Where is that missing semicolon…

Digging through to place more @Should JUnits…

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It appears that now most of the @TODO junit testings have been found in the sections of code we have dug through, although the group  believes there are still plenty more to find in areas we haven’t quite searched through.  There is some vague parameters with TRUNK-238 such as how far do we need to go with the JUnit testing?  Do we simply need to go through the entirety of the code and find all the @TODO’s or even more so, do we have to specify and begin implemntation of the JUnit tests? 

I was under the assumption that we only need to locate the @TODO’s and replace them with the @SHOULD JUnit test comments so that the other tickets regarding implementation of the JUnit testing would then have and know what to implement.  We will have to have another group meeting shortly through IRC and contact Ben Wolfe on the matter, since he is the guy who created then reopened the ticket for us.


Much more work to do, although it seems we are getting closer to finalizing the initial job of adding the JUnit comments in where they need to be.

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