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Intermission: Wrapping up our work with Trunk-248

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As the group finishes work on Trunk-248 we plan to do submit our commit to the Open MRS core as it has been established all we were required to do was replace any //TODO junit  comments with the correct //@should annotations so that the MRS team can use their build in plug-in to find and help implement the correct JUnit testing. 

All and all, and even after some confusion on the matter, we only found a couple handfuls that needed to be replaced.  Since the group is now quite familiar with JUnit, we are planning to find another ticket regarding the same matter. Most likely a follow-up ticket regarding the actual implementation of the JUnit testings at our @should annotations.  Thanks to several sources, we have a few guides and readings on how to go about doing this, as well as reference material on how exactly to accomplish them, such as Vogella’s Guide.

However, despite our plans to move on to our next ticket, that does not mean we are entirely completed with our Trunk-248 ticket.  After submission, our code and changes must go through a series of (hopefully) brief review.  Should whomever choose that we need to reiterate our group commit, then we must go back and make necessary changes, putting a temporary hold on our next Ticket.  Not to say that we are in limbo, but with a final commit about to happen, we don’t have enough work to do on this current ticket unless something went horribly amiss. 

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